Open Source | Craftgate

Craftgate is a 'One-Stop Shop' payment orchestration platform where you can easily integrate and manage Virtual POS of all banks of your business as well as many other payment and e-money institutions, alternative and international payment methods from a single center. With Craftgate, you can quickly benefit from many value-added services. Thus, you can focus on growing your core business while reducing costs with Craftgate.


Open Source Projects

Our software crafters designed and implemented so many libraries that our merchants can easily integrate Craftgate API into their platforms. Please checkout our public repositories hosted in our Github organization.

Community Projects

Our commitment to open-source projects invites collaboration and collective ingenuity, driving technology forward for everyone. Never hesitate to jump into them and explore new ways of improvement and innovation.

Our Engineering Team

Craftgate is a tech company that focuses on the fintech industry. We are working with high-qualified software engineers who have deep knowledge.